The Secret – Episode 75

So it sounds a little crazy, but The Law of Attraction is manifesting hard for Meredith Soleau, and she may have made Brittany Gibbons -eternal skeptic- a believer. Only time will tell, so get ready to laugh and cry with the girls during this exciting and emotional episode. 

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New logo, who dis? We’re rebranding! Same old girls – fresh new logo. 

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The Conners – Episode 74

Should we be okay with the Roseanne show? Are you watching and laughing along? And being a sports mom isn’t easy. Brittany Gibbons and Meredith Soleau are back for another week of fun conversation (laced with a wee bit of controversy). 

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Unicorn Moms – Episode 73

Brittany Gibbons and Meredith Soleau are joined by guest, Meghan Cooper. Together they discover they’re true calling in motherhood – becoming Unicorn Moms. It’s a real thing. Today’s show is brought to you by the following sponsors:

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